Brand New - The Devil & God are Raging Inside Me

Who can believe that it has been almost 10 years since Brand New released their groundbreaking album "The Devil & God are Raging Inside Me"!? Although ranking number 31 on the Billboard Top 200 the album has since been elevated to cult status.

Album Cover:

I will admit though, I only just recently got into the band and the album. I knew of the album & that the band existed, but I hadn't given them a chance until recently & now I can't seem to turn them off.

The album produced 2 singles "Sowing Season" and "Jesus" but so far the tainted anger and emotion of "Degausser" takes the win followed closely by "You Won't Know" and "Not The Sun". Its near impossible to find an original video of Degausser, but here's a slightly messy version filmed at The Lollapolooza Festival 2015.

Often classified as Lo-Fi Emo the band had always expressed an angry, foot stomping attitude but this album even more so. Whilst recording the album each of the 5 band members (actually 4 but the producer on this album acted as a fifth for the duration of recording) were plagued with a death in the family which seemed to give the album its sombre yet aggressive tone. Death & Illness became two of the most prominent themes for the album & they seemed to carry these themes into subsequent albums.

Prior to this album, Brand New have gone on to release 2 studio albums "Deju Entendu" & "Your Favourite Weapon". Although producing a sound comparable to a lot other modern rock bands, they definitely have a uniqueness to them which grants them a spot in your collection.

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  • Gerhard: August 31, 2017

    “Since this album, Brand New have gone on to release 2 studio albums “Deju Entendu” & “Your Favourite Weapon”. "

    You mean prior to this album

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