New DIY Guitar Kits!

The last 11 months of Blackbeard's Den existence have been an absolute adventure to say the least! And all of you either in a big or small way made a contribution to that adventure so thank you for that (-;

With the success of DIY Guitar range the feedback we have received from avid guitar fan who are looking to be able to build their own guitar has been overwhelming. We knew we were entering into a niche market, but it most certainly is not as niche as we had previously thought!

Following from customer reviews and requests we have been able to add to our DIY Guitar range and the following shapes are now available:

EG SG 10 - The SG

EG TEL 20 - The Maple Neck Tele

EG FB 10 - The Fire Bird

EG EXP 10 - The Explorer

EG STR 20 - The Maple Neck Strat

EG HB 10 - The Half-Hollow Body

EG FLV 10 - The Flying V

Over and above these new DIY Guitar Kits, we have also managed to add more products that you can use to help give your DIY Guitar a professional finish i.e Tru-Oil, water-based CLOU stain etc.

We will continue to add to these ranges, please feel free to let us know if there is anything, in particular, you would like to see on the page.


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