DIY Guitar Kits in South Africa

Hello all!

It's been a great 3 years for us so far and we still continuing to broaden our range of DIY Guitar Kits available to you, the South African market. Before we started on this venture we weren't really sure how successful our kits would be. From a personal experience we were aware that there are many enthusiastic as well as talented guitarists here in South Africa - but the question we needed answered was, would they be interested in actually painting, assembling and paying their own guitar? Or was it something reserved for only such a niche that to market them through e-commerce would serve little purpose?

Fortunately for us we were pleasantly surprised by the collective interest in our products here in South Africa. There are many out there who would like a unique guitar that presents a personal personality which the restrictions of a pre-painted range hanging on the walls of your local guitar shop is unable to provide you with. There is no uniqueness there. There are countless others strumming the exact same looking instrument somewhere else in the world, or maybe ever your neighbourhood.

The luthier market in South Africa is tiny and unfortunately almost inaccessible for the average joe wanting to go through the motions of turning a beautiful piece of maple or basswood for example, into a beautiful Tele or Less Paul as other examples. More so, the skill set required to do so is far beyond that of most and too daunting for some to even consider.

Air aim is to provide the South African market with the most simple form of a guitar, already pre-shaped into a popular and recognised shape that a customer might want, which is why we are continuously adding to our range and why we also take requests. Should we get enough requests for a particular shape, we go to production and within a month or so we have that shape.

We've often been asked if we stock individual parts i.e necks, pickups etc and our simple answer is 'not yet'. Our capacity so far has only allowed us to manufacture complete kits but as we grow we are moving into new avenues and as of about June 2015 we will begin to stock individual necks specifically shaped for Tele's or Strats but can be customised to fit anybody. We will also stock a few other parts too.

Until next time!

Paint, Assemble, Play!


  • Sculley: June 17, 2019

    Good morning, 

    I wanted to know which wood you use for the guitar bodies and necks and fretboards and whether it would be possible to request other woods. 

    Furthermore I wanted to know what pickups you use for the Tele kit, I am especially interested in that specific kit. 

    Please let me know. 

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.



    065 391 8214

  • Dean: November 08, 2018

    Hi Jason, yes we are busy with production and should new stock soon! We’re aiming for the end of November or thereabouts. Keep checking back!

  • Dean: November 08, 2018

    When will you have stock of the Lefty telecaster guitar kit?



  • Dave: June 24, 2018

    please give me a call on 082 493 5600 or 032 5860752 if the cel line doesnt work.

    I’m interested in a Flying V


  • Dave: June 24, 2018

    Please send me your catalogue.

    I assembled a Fender Strat a few years ago and would like to build a Gibson LP

  • Jason: November 21, 2017

    Hi. Are you getting any new stock in before Xmas? I’m looking for a Tele with a maple neck.
    Regards Jason

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