Seether - Mark's Park, Johannesburg

I'm a true lover of South African music, I am aware of the talent this country produces and also understand to some degree just how hard it is to make music a career in this country. No local band has proven to us that hard work will pay off more so than Seether. From the days of Saron Gas to their sign up with Wind Up Records as Seether they have been nothing short of phenomenal. I have watched them play to a show of only 10 still as Saron Gas to sold out live venues across the country as Seether.

Starting with their album 'Fragile' which I picked up at Phase2 in Fourways Mall I became obsessed with their sound. I collected every piece of material they ever wrote until they started re-releasing all their material time and time again and it seems it still hasn't ended. I almost get the sense that maybe they are low on inspiration and the American Dream has maybe all but chewed them up, but then I remind myself that I can't think like that and that soon they will have another power album! But I really hope they do...

One Cold Night to me is their greatest album and their acoustic set at Mark's Park in Melville at 17:00 on the 24th November 2013 reminded me of just what fantastic musicians they really are. You can feel their pride for their country and a mark of a good band is the ability to be able to create emotion and lock your audience into that emotion, either happy or sad and Shaun Welgemoed (or Morgan to the Yanks), knows how to do just that - and kudos to you brother!

Long live Seether! But please give us something new soon (-;


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