'Royal Blood' - Redefining Rock!

Its not very often that a new band comes along and shakes the foundation's of Rock n' Roll. I spend a good amount of my  time sourcing good, new music across multiple rock & indie genres and I always happen to find some good ones, but these good ones are usually only "good-ish", but not awesome. Nothing worth of a blog post, or even a Facebook post for that matter.

But every now and then I happen to find a band that entirely restores my faith in rock music all over again. Every now and then I find that band that needs finding, for my own sake. You know that feeling when you think every great artist has come and gone and creativity in the industry is dead and then all of a sudden you hear what you've been wanting to re-discover. The last band I felt this passionate about was Silversun Pickups. I have literally played everyone of their tracks to death and still find myself itching for them to release something new.

The new band that I am this passionate about is a band called 'Royal Blood' out of the UK. I happened to stumble across them will browsing the iTunes store. I liked the look of the their album cover and was surprised that I hadn't heard their name before seeing as though they were alongside some very well known bands.

I had a sample listen to the first track 'Out of the Black' and immediately proceeded to download the album.

Their sound is heavily cemented in modern rock blues, but a more grungy version. Some heavy build ups, flowing drums and extensive use of pedals gives them the perfect sound for a new age rock band, wanting to keep a little bit of old. Think Aggressive Black Keys. Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher are youngsters out of Brighton.

Jimmy Page in November 2014: "I went to hear them in New York. They were fantastic. Absolutely riveting, they're such fine musicians. Their album has taken the genre up a serious few notches. It's so refreshing to hear, because they play with the spirit of the things that have preceded them, but you can hear they're going to take rock into a new realm – if they're not already doing that. It's music of tremendous quality."

Now the interesting thing about Royal Blood is this: I knew they were a two piece band such as Japandroids, White Stripes etc - but I had no idea that they were a drum & bass two piece! Every sound you hear soaring through your speakers while playing their debut album (Self Titled) is achieved by the use of only drums, bass and vocals! I don't know of any other rock band that excludes the guitar for the bass, and Royal Blood do it so well! I guarantee if you listen to their tracks without having first read this, you wouldn't have even known.

They have proved that the unconventional can in fact be very conventional. Scrape together some money if you need to and go out and buy their self titled debut album, I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Here is a video to one of their tracks 'Figure it Out' and below it 'Little Monster'.




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