The Projection vs. The Final Product - DIY Guitar Kits

Good day world!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day and week and month and year so far (-;

We have been receiving a torrent of images from customers of ours who have finished building their very own custom DIY Guitar Kits and I must admit there is some incredible work going on out there! Please keep sending us images!

When speaking to clients about their builds I aways realise that the most daunting part for them and almost a barrier to purchasing a DIY Guitar Kit is the fear that they are going to somehow screw up the build and their money will be wasted. I always presumed the electronics would be the most difficult and most daunting part but apparently not!

So a word from me to you and something I have found every single time I build a DIY Guitar Kit is this: The completed image I have in my head before I even attempt to build it is ALWAYS different to what the final product is BUT, the final product is always even more awesome than that initial image I had in my head!!!

The trick is to forget that it is a guitar and rather it is simply a piece of wood - however you would finish a scrap piece of wood is exactly how you would finish this guitar and remember this - an artist almost always loves his final product! And very seldom is the final product exactly as they intended from the beginning, and that is why it is art!

Custom Studio do an outstanding job of airbrushing guitars but I recently met a guy called JP who uses enamel techniques and really brings the wood to life. I will be posting his details soon and also displaying some of his work for everyone to see for themselves.

If you would like to see a list our previous work both by customers and Custom studios then please browse here to our custom artwork section.

Once again thank you for being loyal and generally awesome! There are some new entrants into the DIY Guitar market but rest assured that their quality is unrivalled to that of Blackbeard's Den. We are also still the most cost-effective (-; It's you we're looking out for not our bank account.



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