A Look Back at Blackbeard's Beginnings

Dear customer/browser/e-geek or whoever may be reading this.

Blackbeard's Den has been around for almost two years now and it has been one helluva adventure so far! From conception and template creation of our very first few models of DIY Guitars and partnering with Custom Studio for custom design work, we have now moved into having over 12 different DIY Guitar Kits options and also retailing Blackbeard watches, tremolo's, Beer Pong Kits, local trade goods and a few other items. And this it is only the beginning! More products are soon to be added but more details on these in a bit (-;

Although we most certainly would like to grow, our focus has never been primarily on revenue - too often when a company scales too quickly they tend to lose sight of the most important aspect of business, which is the customer and after sales service that is so critical to growth. This is something that South Africa in particular tends to battle with and has been on the top of our agenda to maintain a satisfied client base. To date I can boost that Blackbeard's Den has a 100% customer satisfaction rating and a manual response to every single email received whether it be an enquiry, an order or someone looking for some help to get their DIY Guitar Kit built.

2014 so far has been a prosperous year for us and we thank you all for the support you have given us so far! We have a new product launching soon which we will be communicating through blog, social media and also our newsletter. A little hint as to what it may be: Lords of Dogtown.

I wish you all well and hope that everyone had a blessed Easter (those that celebrate).



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