New Logo & Web Layout

Hi all,

Hope the weekend is treating you well (-;

So as the more perceptive of you would have already realised, we have finally changed our logo! To accompany it we have also decided to adjust the colour layout and format of our website to suite a more 'mature' theme. Not that we are by any means 'mature', but change is always good!

We would love to hear your feedback regarding the changes.

Our previous logo was designed in about 20 minutes flat. We always new it was going to have to be professionally designed sooner or later - we just didn't expect it would take us 2 years to get around to it...

We made contact with Jenny Coulson via her website and decided to utilise her creative ability in order to make us a more professional and textured logo. The final result was exactly what we were after and has been adopted along all of our digital mediums. Any one looking for some professional design work, I would recommend you give Jenny a call. She is based in Cape Town.

Here is a look at the final logo:

Feedback, thoughts, complaints, compliments all welcome!

On a side note, we are continuing our quest to providing our customers with an array of guitar shapes which will allow you create and play your very own Do-It-Yourself Guitar. We currently have lefty shapes as well as some new models (including a 5 string bass!) in production - more details to follow soon!

Have a good Sunday!


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