Pickmaster - Make Your Own Plectrums!

Hope you all getting excited for the weekend!

We're ecstatic to officially announce a new product to our product range - the fantastic Pickmaster!

Since I first heard about this product I was intrigued - the ingenuity of it is what drew me to it. I love simple yet effective ideas & creating a product that allows you to cut your own plectrums from any piece of plastic is simply genius and I knew that it would be a fantastic addition to Blackbeard's Den and would compliment our Custom DIY Guitar Kits as well as the other products we have.

The Pickmaster solves a specific problem that any guitar player knows about. The problem is 'where did I leave my flippen plectrums?' This issue no longer has to exist and as long as you have an old credit card or any piece of plastic (presuming its a good thickness and not too hard) lying around you are good to go!

You might be thinking, 'well I don't always have plastic nearby' but you're wrong. Take a minute to think about how much plastic is actually around you at any given moment. Milk bottle, old cards, cards for shops you never visit, that card your Vodacom sim arrived in, the hard plastic your boxer shorts arrives in, coke bottles, the container your Woolworths mini hamburgers are sitting in - its all good enough to become a plectrum!

Until the 19th September 2014 we are offering 15% off any purchase. Simply use the code '1000' at checkout to have this discount automatically apply.

Once again, if you have any products that you think would be a great addition to our website please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!



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