Sneak Peak at What's Soon to Come

Hello all,

Yes, yes - we have been very slack with updating our blog... apologies. It's something we're committing to change!

Any way, for those DIY Guitar enthusiasts who are waiting for our new stock to arrive, there is not long to wait now I promise. By early March 2015 we will have replenished all of our current shapes & will also have some new awesome additions to the family. These newbies include:


1: Les Paul Jnr

We decided to manufacture the Les Paul Jnr on a whim. We honestly haven't had too many requests for it but as popular as the common Les Paul is we thought we couldn't go wrong with it and so far we seem to have proved ourselves right (-; We are currently taken pre-orders on all of our shapes and current confirmed pre-orders for this baby surpass any of the other shapes, so far at least.


2: Thinline Tele & Thinline Tele with Bigsby Trem


These two classics were always going to make their way into our inventory. Their sleek design & classic appeal make them an absolute must heave. Either if its destined to be a show piece on the wall or on a guitar stand in the lounge. We have two versions, one with a Bigsy style trem and one without. Also one with a maple neck and one without. Both just as cool as each other.


3: Jazz Bass

For those bassists out there, we will soon have the shape you have all been asking us for - the  4 string J-Bass! Pre-orders for this shape have already almost sold it out completely so we're going to be working relentlessly on manufacturing more of these. It comes with a perloid scratch plate and all the other classic features which make it the master piece it is already.


Other then that, all other shapes will be replenished. If you have any suggestions on DIY Guitar shapes you would like to so on Blackbeard's Den please feel free to reach out to let us know.

Till we chat again!

Blackbeard's Den


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