What We've Been Up To As Of Late

Hi all!

I have been pretty slack with blog posts lately! I'm sorry )-; I do plan on improving.

I get a lot of emails from customers inquiring about different DIY guitar shapes, not just the ones we currently have listed on the website, and for that exact reason we have decided to work on more templates!

I'm proud to announce that in the very near future we will be unveiling some new shapes to add to our current collection. Included in these shapes are:

The SG

The Jaguar

The Half Hollow-Body

The Start with Male Neck

The Tele with Maple Neck

The Explorer

Yeah right! You can expect delivery of the first batch around mid rOCkTOBER! Just in time for Rocking the Daisies. Any one going?? Wouldn't miss Skunk Anansie and The Hives for anything!

If you would like to pre-order any of the above shapes or would like me to send you some pics of them please inquire at info@blackbeardsden.com and we'll be sure to send you what you looking for!



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