DIY Guitar Necks Now Available

Good evening! Hope the weekend was good to all of you.

We've recently had another new development at Blackbeard's Den. We're now stocking singular guitar necks!

Our end goal has always to be able to provide custom parts in order to allow our customers to build a 100% custom DIY Guitar. Due to capacity constraints we started Blackbeard's Den by selling whole kits with little or no variation in the parts supplied. I.e if you chose a Bass Guitar Kit you had to make do with the parts we decided to package it with. But this is slowly (but surely) changing.

Since our launch we have continued to grow our product range & we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. We now offer finishing products (see them here) such as strap button, guitar strings, wood stains, sealants etc and also now individual guitar necks to fit either one of our bodies or to fit your own guitar body. Maybe you're building your own custom body & need a neck or maybe you recently snapped your neck & need a replacement.

Necks are a temperamental product though because they may never fit just right. Usually a neck is cut to fit a certain cavity i.e the body & the neck are cut to fit each other & thus supplying a stock standard neck does sometimes require some craftsmanship to get it to fit just right i.e you may need to sand it down slightly to get it right.

To begin this collection we've started with 2 x Tele necks. 1 with a maple fretboard & a factory shaped headstock, 1 a rosewood freeboard with paddle stock & lastly a rosewood Strat neck with a paddle headstock. You can see our product range of guitar necks here.

Now that we have individual necks, we plan on growing this range whilst also starting to retail individual guitar bodies.

Once again we value your feedback regarding our new products & would love to know what you think about our individual necks & also if you have any products or guitar shapes you would like to see on Blackbeard's Den please get in touch with us via our contact us page or by commenting on this blog post.

Paint. Assemble. Play.


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